FLIRTONOMICS – How to Attract, Date and Love your Customers on Social Media

The funny thing about Social Media is that everybody in some way is already using it, but not where you expect. Not on Facebook or on Twitter, but in real life. In real life people make friends, have conversations, talk about good and bad experiences, listen to music, go to concerts, watch TV and go to the cinema to watch movies. It can’t get more social than this and it all happens in the real world. Social Media is nothing more than taking these offline experiences into the online world. And for people and businesses this opens a new world of connections. A world that goes beyond borders, rules or regulations.

There’s no better way to explain this than using the analogy of dating. When you date, you first go to places where you meet people. You go to parties, bars, nightclubs or any other place where you can meet people. When you meet someone that seems nice, you get into a conversation. You break the ice. You start to build your reputation. If the other person likes you and likes what you say, he or she might be interested in meeting you again. Maybe you become friends or even lovers. You may get married and stay together for the rest of your life. Or, when you don’t invest in maintaining your relationship you could end up with a divorce.

In business it works exactly the same way. Instead, parties become exhibitions, bars become networking events and the movie in the cinema becomes your marketing campaign. But the objectives are exactly the same. You are trying to find new customers. You start talking to prospects and if they like what they hear, they will marry you, or in business terms, they will buy from you. If you do the right things, they will buy from you again and maybe introduce you to some of their friends. But if you mess up, they will divorce you. They will drop you as a supplier and go to your competition.

For businesses Social Media is like online dating. It is about attracting, dating and loving your customer. You are sharing content with them to grow your online reputation. When they trust you they are happy to become your customer. If you put enough effort in your Social Media, they will buy from you again and they will recommend you to their friends.

F.L.I.R.T. is an acronym for 5 simple steps to attract, date and love your customers on social media. Focus, Listen Integrate, Reach out and Track. In this book you will learn how to flirt. How to apply each step to grow your business successfully.